Pakistani Restaurant Chelsea

With our prestigious Asian restaurant under 7 miles away from London’s Chelsea area, residents of this area can rest assured that we – and, by extension, our succulent Pakistani and Turkish dishes – are easy to reach.

Shisha Lounge in Chelsea

We pride ourselves on providing a truly international eating experience, allowing you to enjoy delicious Asian food without having to book a single plane ticket.

Our drinks are similarly varied, as they include not only soft drinks, milkshakes and smoothies but also a range of luxury mocktails.

Feel free to peruse the menu options on our website before you leave your Chelsea home to make the trip to our award-winning restaurants. Your order will soon be on your table at our Shisha lounge.

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Turkish Restaurant in Chelsea

We have intricately decorated our interiors to help ensure that everyone who visits us from Chelsea can feel the class and sophistication for which we strive.

That luxury feel can be strongly evidenced even at personal and commercial functions held in our events space.

That space can be hired for events including birthday parties, wedding ceremonies and corporate get-togethers – all of which you could especially enjoy capturing on camera when the likes of graffiti walls and waterfall displays constitute the eye-catching backdrops.

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