Shisha Lounge in Chiswick

You can feel your anxieties effortlessly melt away as you relax in the splendour of our award-winning Asian restaurants in Slough and Ealing. We are not far from Chiswick, making us readily accessible restaurants to enjoy nights out.

Turkish Restaurant in Chiswick

The prestige touch can be felt everywhere throughout our Shisha lounges – from the food and drink to the tastefully-chosen decor.

The culinary inclusions, for example, feature plentiful examples of appetising Pakistani and Turkish food you can wash down with juices, shakes and mocktails.

The decor itself can easily get visitors from Chiswick talking, and adheres to an eye-catching neon style that reflects our dedication to providing a thoroughly modern dining experience infused with both Eastern and Western flavours.

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Pakistani Restaurant Chiswick

If you enjoy dining at Akaya Pakace as we naturally hope you will, you could reserve our restaurants for a major event pencilled into your calendar.

You and your guests can source nourishment from a steady supply of Turkish and Pakistani cuisine prepared by our chefs.

We have space for seated lunches and dinners attracting up to 250 guests and standing cocktail events where as many as 500 people guest. Chiswick individuals, families and businesses can all delight in the possibilities.

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