Shisha Lounge in Kingston

If you are eager to sample Far Eastern dishes complemented with a Western twist, just drop by Akaya Palace. We have award-winning restaurants located close to Kingston, making us readily accessible for food connoisseurs in the area.

Turkish Restaurant Kingston

You could easily feel our Asian restaurant’s prestige approach as soon as you step past our door. Our interiors are resplendent in jaw-dropping decor.

Examples include our waterfall features and graffiti walls, while we have also arranged boudoir seating and scattered silk cushions across sumptuous Moroccan beds.

Just take your picks from our menu and then marvel at that scenery as you gently nibble on the Turkish and Pakistani cuisine in which our thoroughly experienced chefs specialise in.

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Pakistani Restaurant in Kingston

We have gone to great lengths to imbue our high-end restaurants with the striking atmospheres of a Marrakesh smoking house or 1920s Far Eastern opium den.

You could enjoy some of that atmosphere at your own event – as you could take the event to us.

Yes, our Shisha lounges are available to book for various occasions – including weddings, birthday parties and business meetings. For Kingston residents invited to your event, it will be only a short journey to our well-supplied venues.

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