Shisha Lounge in Reading

A night out at Akaya Lounge is always much more than just that – it’s a valuable opportunity to savour delicious Indian, Pakistani and Turkish cuisine in sumptuously-decorated Shisha lounges immediately welcoming to people from all walks of life.

Indian Restaurant in Reading

With Slough and Ealing a mere 20-mile trip away from Reading, Berkshire residents from far and wide can easily take comfort in the culinary delights we serve up.

Within our prestige restaurant’s walls, we infuse Far Eastern and Western influences to create a taste sensation quite unlike any other.

Our menus detail the many dishes, drinks and desserts available – and, given our eatery’s stunning decor, including our graffiti walls and statement waterfall pieces, it’s unlikely to be just the food you consider worthy of showing your Instagram followers.

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Turkish Restaurant in Reading

How far is Turkey from Reading? It could feel like literally just 20 miles away, given how authentically we have recreated the Turkish dining experience.

The same idea applies if you hanker after what feels like a genuinely Indian or Pakistani culinary experience through and through.

You can even book our Shisha lounges as a venue for your next major event – just give us a call and we can prepare everything here in anticipation of your arrival and that of your guests.

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